Cream Magazine

“Life In a Box”

Below are the items we received from the barter:

A GHAVA performance & documentary art piece for CREAM magazines 2nd anniversary, Life In a Box exhibition.

An assortment of items were sent to us by CREAM magazine, we were asked to use them to record (literally) a bit about our lives and inspirations. Instead, we decided to trade the items with others thus creating an opportunity for spontaneous and unpredictable exchange. A booth was set up at a art/homewear market and each person that took part in the barter received their traded object in a bag with a written explanation of the project to document the transaction.

WE BARTER was an attempt to point out that interactions with others play an undeniable role in our daily lives and inspirations. In this case, the interaction is what's important, the objects were but remnants.

The documentation of the exchange as well as the items we received will be included in CREAM magazine's 2nd Anniversary Life In A Box project.

Life In a Box

with contributions by: Christopher Doyle, Colette, Daniel Eskils, Ed Tsuwaki, Frederique Dabal, GHAVA, He-Ji Shin, John Copeland, Kaws, Maya Maxx, Misc. Magazine, P.A.M./Perks, Peter Strom, Royal Art Lodge

supported by: Levi's, MUJI, Polaroid, PUMA, JVC, UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON.

Archived in: GHOS

GHAVA licensed under Creative Commons NC-ND Works 3.0 USA License